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Residential Conveyancing

We deliver professional legal advice and specialise in all aspects of residential conveyancing. Our fixed fees are fair and affordable while our services are delivered in a timely manner. Whilst each conveyancing matter is different, a sale and purchase can typically be completed in less than 3 months. However, many transactions have been completed sooner.

Sometimes there are delays beyond our control which we will advise you of as soon as possible to manage your expectations.

We aim to send out letters of instruction within 48 hours of receipt of a memorandum of sale and will apply for searches upon receipt of funds on account.

Searches take around 3 weeks but these are sometimes delayed by the local authorities.

Our services include searches for purchases and for applying for papers online for sales; we also prepare a full report on every matter providing all the forms to the clients; furthermore we also prepare the registration forms and apply for the stamp duty, although it is the clients duty to provide the information within the two week time allowed, all as part of the fee. 

Wills & Probate


We compliment our services by preparing Wills to ensure estates are fairly and evenly distributed after ones passing. All of our services are available with full 24-hour support and we invite new clients to arrange an initial consultation at the earliest opportunity. We also deal with Probate matters relieving you of continued stressful paperwork having to be completed.


J Scott & Co are here to help you with the process of applying for probate and administering the estate. Once we have discussed the estate with you and obtained the necessary information, we will advise early on as to whether probate is required.

We do not charge on the total estate value, just the work carried out to establish the estate value and conduct the necessary in order to deal with the collection and administration of the estate.

As part of our service, we will complete the Inheritance Tax forms needed, pay any Inheritance Tax liability, apply for probate and administer the estate to the beneficiaries once the grant is issued.

We will send out a letter of instruction and action the matter as soon as we have the items requested in our letter.

Unfortunately the timing is dependent on the banks and building societies and pension trustees etc  responses and also in getting the forms signed by the executors. However, we will chase this and urge a response.

Generally the probate will take around one month from application and we aim to complete the administration within 6 to 12 months depending on the complexity of the estate. 

Family Matters

The experience of a family breakdown can be difficult for all concerned and for children in particular. Because we operate as an accredited family law specialist, J Scott and Co Solicitors strive for long-term solutions in all family-related matters to ensure the needs and requirements of our clients and their children are always met.

Legal Help & Assistance

Our lawyers provide detailed consultations for certain legal matters. By adopting a pragmatic and approachable attitude, clients are able to talk with our solicitors at length in complete confidence without complication. We always explain potentially confusing legal terms to ensure clients are completely aware of how the legal system works.

Settlement Agreements

Help and advise if you are presented with a settlement agreement form your employer.

Powers of Attorney

Lasting powers of attorney to help you manage your affairs when unable to do so.

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